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Monarch Film Credits has been collaborating with television and movie production studios to broker film and entertainment tax credits since 2006.

As one of the largest brokers of film tax credits across the United States, we understand the complexities of the individual state programs. We are currently working with ten states and are the largest broker of Georgia film tax credits.

I have worked with Marco Cordova and his team at Monarch Film Credits for a number of years. I reach out to them for all our tax credit needs, and Marco is my go-to person for placing the film credits for Sony Pictures Television. In my opinion, Monarch provides the best service in the industry.

Binh Huynh, Director, Production Finance at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Our Approach

Monarch Film Credits works primarily with major studios and larger independent production companies. In addition to our film tax credit specialists located in Los Angeles and Atlanta, we have offices throughout the U.S. Our robust talent pool includes CPAs and tax attorneys who have decades of expertise with transferring credits.

Our Company’s mission is to positively impact communities through ESG-related investments and socially responsible initiatives. As a result, we have attracted a very diverse mix of tax credit buyers that includes Fortune 500 companies, large institutional taxpayers, and high-net-worth individuals. Our film credit offerings complement our other tax credit offerings. Note that Monarch Film Credits does not monetize or place state incentives that provide for cash rebates, grants, or non-transferable tax credits.

Click here for a complete list of our State Tax Credit offerings.

Tax Credit Process for Sellers

Step 1

If you have a transferable film credit available for sale, including credits that will be certificated in the future, please contact Marco Cordova for a consultation regarding your project.

Step 2

After the terms and conditions regarding the sale of your tax credit are agreed upon, the production company and our team will enter into an engagement letter contract, in which we will place your credit for a specific price.

Step 3

The Production Company will also agree upon and sign off on a draft transfer agreement template that will be reviewed and presented to prospected tax credit buyers.

Step 4

The tax credit will be sold and transferred to taxpayers per the terms and conditions in the transfer agreement.

Step 5

The Production Company will receive funds related to the transfer of the credit after the tax credit transfer is perfected and per the payment terms in the engagement letter and transfer agreements.

We want to partner with you for all your tax credit placement needs

  • We can help you navigate the increasingly complex film tax credit program rules.
  • We place a variety of film tax credits and other types of credits from other jurisdictions.
  • We partner with leading film financiers, including companies that can help monetize film tax credits.
  • As a division of Monarch Private Capital, Monarch Film Credits is a one-stop shop for your federal and state tax credit needs.
  • Monarch has a national syndication and investment platform for affordable housing, renewable energy, historic renovations, and entertainment tax credits.
  • Have questions regarding film tax credits, ask us. If we cannot answer your question, we will direct you to other resources that can help.

If you would like more information about our tax credit opportunities, please contact us today!