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Marco Cordova and Monarch’s professionalism and understanding of the film and television tax credit industry, knowledge of the tax credit laws and regulations as well as the marketplace keep me referring my clients to Marco and his team. When I started my own film and television tax credit compliance company my professional reputation became of paramount importance to my brand, and my trust in Marco to get the deal done for my clients keeps me at the top of my game. I have had the pleasure to work with Marco Cordova for 15 years as a client, as a colleague and since he has joined Monarch to lead the film division.

Nicole Ameln, President, NorthStar Incentives

Our Approach

Monarch Film Credits works primarily with major studios and larger independent production companies to secure safe and efficient tax credit transactions that save you money while also boosting and diversifying local economies by injecting new capital into a variety of businesses within the communities.

We value each of our clients and are dedicated to streamlining these transactions for you. Our experienced team of tax credit experts are available to help you navigate the tax credit placement process from start to finish. Any question or request will be responded to within one business day. We offer a variety of film tax credits from popular states such as Georgia, and we also place hard to find film tax credits in states like California and many others.

Click here for a complete list of our State Tax Credit offerings.

Tax Credit Process for Buyers

Step 1

Once we agree on tax credit amount, pricing, and terms for a state film tax credit project, we will forward you a draft of the agreement to review and sign off.

Step 2

We will securely and timely process the tax credit transfer paperwork upon you and the seller meeting certain terms and conditions per the tax credit agreement (varies per state).

Step 3

We will forward the proof of tax credit transfer to you and follow up with the applicable state tax authority to help ensure your tax credits have transferred and are in your tax account.

Step 4

You will file an applicable tax return and claim the credit purchased.

Tax Credit Specialists

If you would like more information about our tax credit opportunities, please contact us today!